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"The Brookston" Post  Solid Cedar Mailbox Post System


Price includes 6”x6”x7’ cedar post with double v-groove and tapered top, solid cedar newspaper boxes and 4”x4” solid cedar support. Mailboxes sold separately

The Brookston Post System

SKU: 364215376135191

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"The Brookston" Solid Cedar Mailbox Post System has been our most popular model since All Jack’s Trades was incorporated back in 1994. Over the past twenty five years we have sold more of this design than all our other models combined, earning it the right to be called Our Signature Model. The anchor of this beauty is its substantial 6”x6”x7’ solid cedar post. A double v-groove and tapered top finish the post. Add to this the solid cedar newspaper boxes with rounded edges and tapered ends and one begins to understand the popularity… But wait ~ to continue the aesthetic balance and incredible structural stability, a 4”x4” solid cedar support is added beneath the newspaper boxes… with all that effort it's no wonder we call this Heavyweight Our Signature Model.

Now ~ add one of our phenomenal Cedar Wrapped Mailboxes or a flower box and your landscape has been transformed right before your very eyes.


Mailboxes sold separately.

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